Christmas Laziness

Today has been the laziest day ever! Pj’s ’til 13:00 and then only got dressed because I felt bad!

But it’s what we all desperately needed! Even Pickle had a huge 2 hour nap at 10:00 in the morning having woken at 08:00. She looked tired, little dark circles under her eyes and we weren’t much better. Goes to show how much a change effects anyone, especially a child. But today was bliss. We’ve stayed in all day, not done anything, we’ve had the tv on all day, eaten nice food and chilled out. Pickle has taken herself off to her toys all day and had fun while we’ve chilled out on the sofa….and we all needed it. This is a massive hurdle to get over! As an adopter one of the first things you feel you have to be ALL the time is a 24/7 parent. Or, in other words, be on that child from the moment they wake to the moment they go to sleep. But that’s an impossible way of life. I’ve managed it for nearly 4 months but today was an eye opener. We just relaxed and she was fine! We were all in the same room but we just did our own things and it was lovely. Relaxed family life at its best.

Now, pass me the chocolates!





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