An even prouder moment

I felt a total connection to Pickle today

I think we are all so tired from the wedding on saturday and we’re all slightly fractious. I’m shattered & have a sore throat, we went in to town to buy suits for Daddy P’s new job which was fine but busy and it all got to us a bit. I also found out someone I know has passed away at the fabulous age of 100 years old which, while no surprise, hit me quite hard. All of this accumulated in to us getting home, putting Pickle to bed and, subsequently, falling asleep myself for 2 and a half hours until 18:30! Daddy P got Pickle up (thankfully) at 17:00 & left me for an hour and a half which, I have to say, did me good! When I got myself up and downstairs I sat with Daddy Pickle and he put his arm around me. I wasn’t upset or crying, I was just sleepy, groggy, tired and worn down from the weekend & not feeling 100%

But then, from the other side of the room, Pickle crawled to me, reached up for me to lift her so I did and she gave me the longest cuddle with a her head rested on my shoulder. She even lifted her head twice to give me a kiss. It was magical, lovely and gorgeous. She sat like that, her head on my shoulder, for about half an hour while we watched a CBeebies programme and then, even when she moved, she stood on me with her arm around me.

It was amazing. I felt such a connection to her and I’ll never forget it. 
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