Bagpuss and the Bracelets

I’ve realised, in the last few days, how significant and important the little things are

They’ve been instrumental in what we’re doing with our daughter and how it’s helping our attachment and bonding development.

The first is Bagpuss. Good old Bagpuss. Actually, admittedly, a last minute decision by my husband to take Bagpuss along to meet our daughter for the first time. I’m so glad we did that now because it’s become a very significant thing in her life. I think mainly because of the colour, bright pink of course, but it’s good for us that she likes it because that’s stayed with her the entire time we’ve known her up to now. It stays at the FC’s and it’s come with her to ours so it acts as a constant. She has it in the car when we’ve taken her out and she actively asks for it, albeit with a squeak and a flapping of the fingers [I want] but that’s what she wants. It’s a connection between us that’s proving to be invaluable.

The second thing is my bracelets. They’re nothing special and I didn’t decide to wear them until the 3rd day of introductions after my meltdown. I just decided that they might be a real interest to her because they’re bright turquoise and very simple, round beads. I did have 3 until she snapped one (and she looked really shocked!) but 2 is enough because we can still share. These have been so instrumental in our bonding with her. She loves them! She puts them on herself, she lets me put them on her, she lets my husband put them on her. She takes them off, jangles them, chucks them when she’s frustrated, passes them back to us both (and immediately wants them back) and they even come in extremely handy when we’re changing her nappy because they distract her and she plays with them while I’m changing her. So I make sure I wear them every day now and they’ve become like a security blanket for me too.

The bracelets have been the hero in all this! 
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