Christmas (cont’)

It’s Dec 22nd and, you’ve guessed it, our house still doesn’t look festive!

However, I now realise I’ve been struggling with it. Not the not putting decorations up. But the pressure of it all. I spent the day yesterday being told I “have” to do this and I “have” to do that. Why do people tell you what you “have” to do all the time? The trouble is it just makes me even more stubborn than I already am about *not* doing it. In fact, we were going to do it last night but, having worked a 12 hour day on top of being told what I “had” to do we decided not to.

I also realised we’d just transferred the stress of it all from Christmas day to boxing day which hasn’t helped my anxiety. It all sounds pretty ludicrous when you type it out like this. I mean, for goodness sake, what is there to get stressed about? Getting together with family, spending time together, nice food, a bit of drink, good tv and films snuggled up on the sofa. But that’s it isn’t it, it’s the expectation of the perfect Christmas that just might not happen.

Having been through the emotional ringer this week thinking about it all the time I have come to realise that I do struggle with Christmas anyway. Add a newly adopted child in to that picture and the whole thing magnifies itself by about, well at the risk of being accused of exaggerating, one billion!

It’s the “first” as well. And it’s always the “firsts” which are hard.

What I’m hoping for is a relaxed Christmas, albeit it with an “on the go” amazingly cute 19 month old.

I will report back when I’m on the other side, hopefully unscathed!






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