Christmas Day

We’ve just come downstairs having put the Pickle to bed in her new pj’s and collapsed on the sofa

Not from having a stressful, overwrought day but from feeling immensely proud of ourselves and Pickle for getting through our first Christmas together without any of the over the topness that is usually expected at Christmas.

We’ve had one of the most relaxed Christmases that we can remember, we didn’t wake up until 08:30 and then we had to wake her up! We started the day with croissants and then opened a few presents.

The day went on in that vain, bit of food, bit of present opening and a bit of a nap, until bed time ten minutes ago.

There has been a bit of overwrought hitting (Pickle and Jack) and crying (Me! – Daddy P the calm in the mini storms) but on the whole the entire day has gone swimmingly well and we are so proud of our daughter and the fun she’s brought to Christmas day.

What this day has done for me is made me realise the things I get stressed about around Christmas. The over indulging (I always feel uncomfortable) the manic present opening (I prefer one gift at a time, not ten people ripping open several in one go so you don’t know who’s got what) and the noise levels! But this year we’ve eaten bits and bobs through the day, we haven’t had a Christmas dinner because we chose to have cheese, onion and potato pie, we’ve eaten when we want, we opened one present at a time and it’s been quiet, peaceful, relaxing and calm (for the most part)

That’s not to say we haven’t encouraged the excitement because we have and it’s been great fun. But the evidence was plain to see. Even though we’d kept the day relatively calm she still got overwhelmed and overwrought….well, there is a bloody great tree in the living room for a start, how’s that normal for a toddler! We coped though, she coped brilliantly and she’s gone to bed as she usually does, happy she’s got her milk.

All in all it’s been a perfect day. Merry first Christmas with us Pickle, here’s to many more years of Christmas togetherness…..

Now, to Home Alone 2……not bad for a sequel





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