Christmas Eve

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring….not even a Pickle!

After my intense anxiety spelled out in my previous 2 posts I am pleased to say that I am, in fact, feeling fantastic! We’ve had such a wonderful, calm, relaxed, “perfect” day that I don’t know what I’ve been so worried about. The main thing being that we’re actually together again, the 3 of us, how I like it best.

We woke up this morning and were both treated to a lie in as Pickle was happily having, what sounded like, a party in her bedroom! If we’d not known better we’d have thought she’d got about 5 friends in there with her! Squealing with delight, chatting to her teddies, telling them off (or something akin to telling them off but it’s funny to listen to!) and rearranging her entire zoo in her cot (she has a LOT of cuddlies!)

Once we decided to get up we had a lazy morning, got dressed up, Pickle chose to wear her reindeer outfit for a bit until she got annoyed with the head bit and then we had a breakfast of crumpets!

It’s been a beautiful day, if a bit blustery, but what better way to blow away the cobwebs so we got all our coats, scarves and hats on and braved the wind to walk up to the shops and have a wander. Pickle fell asleep on the way up so we did a bit of shopping and then went for lunch where she was a superstar!

When we got back we even had time and the inclination to all have an afternoon catnap, including the cat! Hubby on the sofa with cat, Pickle in her cot and me in bed, it was utter bliss!

At 16:00 we all got up and busied ourselves with little jobs, I made Pickles tea, hubby handmade the Christmas cards (for the folks) and Pickle made sure the Christmas decorations were all ok and checked the remote controls were all in working order – a very important job you know! She had her tea while I sat with her and wrote gift tags for all the presents, getting Pickles approval on them, particularly the ones with cats and dogs on them. And once we’d finished all our jobs and Pickle had finished her tea we let her open one present before her bath. These were new pj’s and it’s a tradition that we mean to carry on. She got so excited it was lovely to see! She had her bath with Daddy P and he brought her down in her new pj’s, she looked gorgeous! We took lots of photos including family ones on the sofa and to top the entire day she put her arms around us both, it was magic! I was sitting next to her while Daddy P set the camera up and she put her arm around me and then once her Daddy sat next to her with the timer beeping away on the camera she put her other arm around him, it was such a special, magical moment. It’s those moments you hold on to in your heart and your mind forever. When I child does something like that, spontaneously, without being asked, you know that it’s real and heartfelt….and it melted me!

This Christmas, our first with Pickle, started out making me anxious, feeling the pressure and wanting to hide from it – I’m still not 100% sure exactly why – but today has made me want to embrace it fully and wholeheartedly because I now realise that it’ll be ok, that everything will be ok and there’s no need to worry about anything. Which leaves me with one thing to say…..

Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night. Xxx




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