It’s Wednesday 18th Dec and our house does not look the least bit festive!

The only clue it’s Christmas is the mantelpiece of Christmas cards which we started receiving in November….and that’s my point right there! Boom! TOO EARLY!

We have never followed the socially acceptable way of doing Christmas, not to the extent that other people do, but over our years together we’ve got *worse/better (*delete as you see fit) at not following like sheep to the slaughter…..or those poor turkeys.

Don’t get me wrong, we like Christmas, we like the cheer and the pretty, sparkly lights, the getting together with people when you don’t normally have the time, the (appropriate and not over the top) gift giving, the getting snuggly on the sofa and watching movies, the togetherness and the mulled wine – it is, in my humble opinion, all about the mulled wine. But we can’t stand the commercial side of Christmas. The greed, the gluttony, the manic shopping, grabbing things hungrily off shelves, the over excitement, the frenzied eating, the sense of forced fun and the stupid card giving! We haven’t sent a card to anyone in 8 years and it’s such a freedom. It’s anxiety inducing madness and that’s what I hate about it.

So for us, this year, I wanted to see how I’d feel. It’s our very first Christmas with a child and to be perfectly honest nothing has changed. The run up for us is the same, we aren’t even thinking about it until we both finish work and then we can enjoy it. We haven’t done an advent calendar (we always forget!) and we haven’t sent cards. I’ve done our Christmas present shopping but have been even more frugal than I normally am and the only Christmas food we’ve bought is a jar of pickled onions for the cupboard – a little, unintentional tradition which we seem to do every year, our little nod at getting “organised” for Christmas.

We are even spending Christmas day on our own with Pickle this year and to be even more “rebellious” we are going to make a cheese, onion and potato pie for Christmas dinner and have a bitty-bobby tea later. I find, over the years, the more people push to have this all singing, all dancing, ludicrously over the top greedfest the less we want to do it and we are going to start some nicer, calmer, kinder, more thoughtful traditions and I can’t wait for that!

Christmas, for us, represents togetherness most of all and that’s what we take from it. Time off together to be a family of 4 (yes, Jack gets a stocking!) and this year is going to be very special, but for all the right reasons.

But don’t, whatever you do, forget the mulled wine!





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