Clearing Moss

By definition moss is a plant with no true roots 

That’s what I’ve felt like for the last two weeks. I haven’t felt rooted to anywhere. Not to the ground. Not to my family. Not to my friends. Not to my husband. Not to Pickle. Not to the world around me. Not to myself. I’ve felt disconnected, isolated, alone.

I couldn’t shake that feeling and it got worse and worse as time went on. But then one day this week I woke up and felt a little bit better. I felt a bit more ‘there’. The change was significant and all down to hormones. I’ve always suffered with PMT but it seems to be exasibated more now because I have someone else I need to think about.

Having realised this I booked an appointment at the doctor to finally sort myself out and decided to get myself outside to do some gardening with Pickle and Jack the cat for a bit of therapeutic weeding and de-mossing and afterwards I felt exilerated. It took nearly 2 hours to get that rootless (could’ve fooled me) plant up off the drive but by the  time I had I felt alive and ready to face the world again. Having ripped up this rootless pest with a vigour that I thought I’d lost forever I suddenly felt part of the world again. I felt patient and calm and a little bit happy.

I have become rooted once more. 

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