Date Night

Tonight we went on a date for the first time in over 3 months

A proper date night where you go for something to eat and then the cinema! The unfortunate thing was that we’d forgotten how busy, drunk and awful it is in town on a saturday night…..well, ok, we realised that we’d “got old”! Pickle was being safely babysat by Daddy P’s parents, with strict rules not to go in to her room and to phone us immediately if she became upset as we’d have dashed home. I was nervous about leaving her anyway but we’ve got to do it at some point and get a bit of our time back. Having already been out three times since Pickle moved in it helped that it wasn’t the first time but the first three times had been very close by and only for a couple of hours at the most. This was a 3 and a half hour stint, in to town and included the cinema which we then panicked about not getting a signal inside! We did though so disaster averted.

The anxiety of leaving her was exasperated even further by her being ill. She developed a cough yesterday and she’s got a slight temperature so it is “only” a cold and Daddy P had dosed her up in the day with calpol and just before we went out so we were hoping that the effects would at least last until we got back. And fortunately it did…..just! It’s 23:30 and we’ve just got in to bed having gone in her room (always a BIG risk!) to give her a last dose of calpol and then settle her with a bit of warm milk in her bottle. I went in to find her sitting up as she called to me looking hot and red cheeked, the last dose of calpol having definitely worn off, and wanting a cuddle which I gladly gave. She then spotted the milk and weakly cried for it, knowing it would sooth her poor throat but happily accepting the calpol first. We then had another cuddle while she started her milk, then I put her back down and she cuddled her teddy while drinking her milk and looking really sleepy and poorly. I kissed her goodnight and left the room again.

I’m now keeping my ears open for her getting upset but I think the calpol is taking effect and I’m hoping it will see her through until morning. Maybe somebody else would have stayed in with her or brought her in to our bedroom but I think to try and keep it as “normal” as possible first is the best way forward. I would love nothing more than to take her and hold her all night, cuddle her and let her sleep with us but my instinct tells me that it would be too disruptive to her routine.

So our date night has come to an end, not before we were ready (as I say, we’re getting old!) to look after our poorly daughter and I’m hoping that her calpol gets her to sleep before my very small glass of rosé wine sends me to the land of Bedfordshire….

And Daddy P seems to have pipped us both at the post, must have been the beer! 
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