Day 2 of the rest of our lives

We woke up today at 6:00 just as she was stirring

She slept through the entire night with no fuss. She’s a dream! We decided that, because she wasn’t upset, we would leave her for half an hour, until 6:30, so we could wake up properly ourselves. I then went in to get her and she put her arms up to me as I walked in and wished her a good morning. We had decided to take her straight downstairs but as I stood at the top of the stairs it didn’t feel right so I took her to say hello to daddy in our room. How glad I am that I did that. She decided to have a really lovely, calm, quiet cuddle with us for half an hour! She lay on me with her head to the side looking at her daddy. She then pushed herself up on to my chest and looked in to my eyes, for ages! That’s bonding for you! It was a gorgeous half an hour. And that’s, hopefully, what will become our morning routine. Even if it only happens like that once it will be enough!

We then just got on with our day, her routine again was flawless. She loves her food, loves her sleep, loves her playing, music and dancing, she loves her Bagpuss and she loves her cat! Although the cat still looks shell shocked! I am, once again, typing this as she’s in bed, and so are we. Tonight she’s a little bit more unsettled but it’s been so muggy today and uncomfortable that I think it’s more to do with that than anything else. She’s been a tiny bit upset today but again I think it’s because it’s so hot. I’ve hated it! (the mugginess that is!) We went for a little walk  which did us good, you can feel so housebound at this point and it’s difficult not seeing anyone.

The irony of her doing SO well is that it’s even more important for us to wait to introduce her to other people. She has come from a huge family with lots of people in and out all the time. This has proved invaluable to how adaptable she is but she now needs to realise and understand that we are the important people in her life, and we are here forever. Nobody else is going to take her away. It seems contradictory to tell people to stay away because she’s doing so well but it really is so important so that we can cement her attachment to us. Only 2 more days to go and then she meets her Nanny and PaPa for the first time….

…and we get to see familiar faces for the first time in nearly 2 weeks! 
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