Day 3 & 4

We’ve had an amazing couple of days

There have been a couple of moments of panic, tantrums and tears….and that’s just us! But we’ve managed to distract and get through. She’s an absolute star. She knows how to put her arms through arm holes to get dressed, she tries to put her own shoes on, she picks things up at the drop of a hat, she even let us brush her teeth for the first time tonight! She did a huge grin face so we could do it and then did it a bit herself! She’s such an amazing, intelligent, bright, brave little girl.

Interestingly she’s actually started to test her boundaries with us already. She normally eats really well, lots of healthy foods and eats quite a bit. But she’s started to play up at meal times, particularly the evening meal, and throws it around rather than eating it. She finds this very funny and says “O-oh” every time. We realised, after chatting to my twitter friends, that this is where the testing of boundaries is coming in, and she’s also enjoying the attention. Although she comes from a busy foster family it’s become apparent that she hasn’t had lots of one to one attention and it’s becoming disruptive. She’s also never had “No” said to her and possibly just been left to her own devices quite a lot so, although that’s great for her independence it’s not so great where boundries and rules will apply. So, the plan is to still eat with her but talk between ourselves and ignore the laughing, ignore the chucking and ignore the “O-oh’s”!

Little monkey!




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