Day 6 – Meeting Nanny & PaPa

Today Pickle met her Nanny and PaPa, my Mum and Dad

It was such a lovely moment and she adored them! We decided that the afternoon ‘slot’ would be the best time as that’s when she (and us) are at our happiest. Nobody is particularly tired and we’ve all had a good lunch and sleep (yes, we also sleep when she sleeps!!!)

They turned up and she was still asleep so we let them come in and get settled so we could have a chat (we haven’t seen them for 2 weeks!!!!) and then we went to get her up and bring her down to meet them. It was just as I expected it to be and more. She reached for me (brilliant sign!) and then sat on my knee looking from Nanny to PaPa and back again, cautiously working them out and slowly getting used to them over about 10 to 15 minutes. My Mum and Dad were brilliant, they sat and just let her look at them while they talked to her. Then the smiles started and she was soon laughing at them with her big, infectious, toothy smile. She was soon showing off doing her favourite “row row row your boat” song where she grabs your hands and row rows! And heaven forbid if you stop, she then starts the song for you and rows herself! Hours of fun.

This all made for a really lovely first meeting with my Mum and Dad, and we got some cracking photos! One of my friends had made her a beautiful quilt which she took to immediately and we had our photo taken with that.

But the most beautiful thing was that my Mum had knitted her a row of bunting with all sorts sewn on to each piece as a talking point. Pickles room has an owl and birds theme so there are owls, trees and birds on the bunting as well as some little finger puppet ¬†animals, little button balloons, flowers made from felt, a little house with a path made up of little buttons and even our cat features on one of them. It’s stunning! It will be a family heirloom in years to come. It really did make the meeting very special indeed!

They stayed for about an hour and a half in the end. Pickle is very adaptable and copes very well with people because she comes from a huge foster family, but (as mentioned before) we have to be extra careful because of this. My Mum and Dad were very careful not to respond to any ‘reaching’ that Pickle did. And she did. It made it very clear to us that her attachment to us is yet to be cemented. I do believe that she is attaching to us very well and the bond is there a little but I also believe that, if anyone were to take her now, she would just merrily go off with anyone. As long as she still had her routine she would be unaware. Which is why, when she reached for my Dad, he couldn’t respond. It’s as hard for us to witness as it must be for her Grandparents to not be able to cuddle her, but it is so important for her development and our bonding. We will now be able to see them more regularly and not only at our house. We’ll pop to there’s and meet them out, at the park or at a coffee shop. Then she will get to know them as important people in her life.

And I wonder if PaPa’s arms are still aching from doing Row Row Row your Boat 20 times!¬†
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