Family Tree and Eco Tree

Two very different animals but really make you think about who is important in your life

The family tree
We had to draw up a family tree which is the obvious one. All family on both sides. That was interesting, for me particularly, because we don’t talk to one side of the family at all. I won’t go in to it in detail but one of my cousins caused a huge family rift and it’s never been the same since. This has NOT affected our adoption process. Boy, would I have been as mad as hell if it had. But I did mention it because it did have a massive impact on my life and it is part of who I am (I grew from it and learned and my cousin, well, I believe he’s probably just as stupid, arrogant and selfish as he was when it all happened!) And our SW agreed not to put their names on our family tree. She was a brilliant SW!
It also made us realise just how lucky we are to have a relatively simple family tree. Both our parents are still together, our grandparents were still together and it shows a very strong family unit (apart from my cousin of course! ha!)

The eco tree
The Eco tree is something different. It includes your family but also your friends. It’s like your extended “family” tree. This tree includes the people who you are closest to, who offer support whether it be emotional, practical or just someone to talk to on the phone (or facetime as I have to with friends of ours who live in Australia! – it all helps) So this consisted of quite a few people for us. Interestingly, this reeeeeally makes you think about who you can rely on. It’s a really odd experience and quite eye opening when you sit down and think about it. You put in strong links, weak links, broken links (which represent stressful relationships – whereby there may be someone who demands more attention and support from you than the other way round)
Some of the strongest links we put in were people we wouldn’t have thought of off the top of our heads, but after really considering it we realised these friends were in fact the people we’d be able to call right at the last minute and say “help” and they’d come and give us a hand or support us in really tough times. For that reason it became a really nice task. It worked, of course, the other way round too. When we analysed certain relationships we realised that, maybe, we wouldn’t be able to call on them for help at the last minute. This made the task even more interesting and we had some very funny conversations while creating this eco tree.

At the end of the day, you know who your nearest and dearest are. These tasks just make you analyse them in a way you never thought you would.

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