Feeling Better (part 1)

I woke up this morning thinking I would feel better from yesterday

Having had a good nights sleep and a 2 hour nap at the same time as Pickle you’d have thought that I would, but I didn’t. I actually woke up feeling sick, really upset and cried. I also felt really panicky. Fortunately I woke up next to my lovely husband who is my rock and we talked it through. He said he thought I’d done a really good job this week on my own and that Pickle looked great when he’d arrived home last night from work. She’s even started running, albeit very comically but the stability in her legs is amazing, to think we thought it would be months before she started walking!

After I’d had my cry and chat I left Pickle to continue to sleep and relaxed in bed checking texts, twitter, emails, just to chill out a bit and then she started stirring. Daddy P had gone to work by this point so I got her up on my own…..and as soon as I went in to her room I felt better again. We’ve had a lovely morning, she’s very happy, looking for Jack the cat under the drying washing and chatting to him. We then went down for breakfast and she ate her Cheerios beautifully while I pottered around in the kitchen getting my own breakfast. She even tips her bowl to get at the milk…..17 months old with that thought process! She amazes me, we are so proud of her.

Then? Then disaster struck! I burnt 5 slices of toast and Jack escaped out the back door! I couldn’t believe it! The fire alarm was going off, smoke everywhere , cat scarpering out the door, me wafting a towel around, Pickle looking worried! It was like a comedy moment but just not funny! However, I’m glad it happened because, guess what? I coped! I grabbed the toast and chucked it in the bin, wafted the smoke away and ran out the door and scooped a very excited but soon to be disappointed Jack up and brought him back in! By this point Pickle was crying but I managed to calm her within seconds and soon we were all relaxed again with her pottering around nattering and me on the sofa breathing a sigh of relief! And now she’s in bed for her morning nap and we plan to go swimming together.

I think, just maybe, that everything is going to be ok! …….




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