Feeling Better (part 2)

We did it! We went swimming, on our own, with no help from anyone and succeeded!!!!

I was a bit scared but tried to just get on with it and it worked! I let her sleep until I was virtually ready to go. Swimming is at a really awkward time, 12:15, lunch time for most people! So I packed her a little lunch and, using the idea we’d had while walking in the countryside, I put her blue plastic (Tommi Tippee) bib on with the ‘catcher’ bit but used it as a bowl. It works a treat when she’s in her buggy! I’d done her some buttered toast, baby-bel, carrot, rice cakes and fruit. She munched away happily for the 20 minute walk and was tucked up all snugly away from the cold. It was a beautiful day actually but a bit nippy.

We then arrived at the swimming baths and I had a sudden thought….what do I do with the buggy! But instead of panicking (well, ok, just a little bit!) I asked at the desk and they have a key system with a lock so that was the buggy sorted, apart from Pickle trying to run down the corridor giggling her head off as I tried to dismantle the buggy to lock it up! Once that (massive) palaver was done with we then changed and got in the pool for an hour. She loves it! She clings on a bit but within ten minutes she’s fine. This is the 3rd time we’ve been swimming. I missed Daddy P with him not being with us.

Today she learned she could actually stand up on the steps which were under the water…and then she really surprised me……they have these rings which sink, some which lay flat and some which sit up. She managed to grab both from the bottom! She had to crouch/squat, reach with her hand and managed to keep her head just above water to get them! I think at one point her mouth did go under but she still grabbed it! I was clapping like mad and saying how clever she was and she looked chuffed to bits! I was so amazed! She amazes me every day.

We got out an hour later, I managed to grab all our bags and her, get to the changing room, get us both changed and get out, unscathed, with no tears….and that was just me! Once home, after eating some more lunch and some fruit on the way back (oh, and being followed by a little black cat nearly all the way home! Pickle screaming with delight as he trotted next to the buggy!) I put her to bed and sat with a film and a cup of tea for an hour. Relieved & tired!

The rest of the afternoon was lovely. We played, watched Thomas the Tank Engine, she ran around for a while with the blanket on her head (looking like E.T bumping in to things!) and generally just having fun. We had tea together (vegetable spring roll, beans and coleslaw and she ate the entire plateful!) and then it was bath time. As she played we heard Daddy P get home and it really is one of my favourite moments of the day. Pickle gets so excited! She beams when she sees him and claps but today was something else. She stood up in the bath, hands on the side, staring at the bathroom door, then at me, then at the door, smiling like mad and stomping her feet with excitement…and as he walked in she screamed with delight! It’s lovely! It makes him having to go to work all worthwhile I think…..

Although, winning the lottery and being at home with her would beat that hands down!  




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