First Family Holiday

At 02:30 on the morning of Friday 9th May the alarm goes off and pierces through the dark cosy slumber of “fast asleep” or, in my case, “dead to the world”

We were heading to Mousehole on our very first family holiday with both sets of grandparents and Pickle’s Uncle. We’d packed the car up the night before, locked the car behind the gates and all we had to do was get ourselves dressed and Pickle in the car.

Fast forward to arriving and it couldn’t have been more successful. It took us 5 hours and 45 minutes. Pickle was awake for an hour then went to sleep under her duvet we’d put over her. I fed her a continental style breakfast and she watched frozen and brave on the ipad at the back of my car seat, she was riveted and loved every minute. She was as good as gold.

Fast forward again when the folks arrived the next day and it resulted in one of the loveliest most wonderful holidays I’ve ever been on. We created so many memories and I took about 1000 photos, which I’ve still to go through, it was just magical. We saw everybody every day. Pickle took a while to settle in to the “normality” of it but once she had she loved every single minute of it.

She loved Mousehole Harbour beach, loved the sand and kept running away from the waters edge with a look of horror mixed with excited glee on her face.

We didn’t actually leave Mousehole that much, it was perfect. Only on the Thursday (the day before our return home) did we all venture out and we went to Praa Sands which is a fantastic beach. Big and wide, it felt safe and Pickle had so much fun. We also went to Porthcurno Bay while the folks went to visit the minack theatre.

The weather was amazing all week and we’ve all come home with tans and having put on a couple of pounds from all the pasties, ice cream and cream teas we kept eating!

We also came home with something else very special. On the Thursday, when we were at Praa Sands something very special was happening in a court a few hundred miles away. Pickle was being made legally a part of our family. She’d already been a part of our family and a huge part of everyone’s hearts for 9 months already but getting that email to say that it had all been finalised topped our holiday so perfectly.

So finally we’re officially a family and we couldn’t be happier.

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