First “normal” day

Today Daddy P went to work for the first time in 8 and a half weeks!

We didn’t sleep very well last night with worrying about it. Just nervous about him starting a new job and me going it alone. Pickle and I gave him a lift to work for the first day and I felt emotional as he walked away from the car looking good in his new suit. I have to admit I cried a bit while driving away. I’d decided to see a friend in the morning when we got back, just to keep me busy but that went completely wrong! She just screamed the whole time I was there because I wasn’t giving her the 100% attention she’s got used to in the last 8 and a half weeks. But it still took my mind off Daddy P not being here.

We then headed up to the shopping centre to meet a friend for coffee at costa only to discover that she couldn’t make it (she’d had an emergency so I totally didn’t mind) so I decided I would stay and have a hot chocolate while Pickle had her lunch. When we got home she went straight to bed and slept for 2 hours which is when I decided that I was going to have a mad cleaning session, again to keep me busy. And then after all that I thought I’d sit down and congratulate myself with a cup of tea and she woke up! It was 2:00 so I decided to let us have a mini snack picnic on the carpet while watching Wall.E which went down a treat! We had a lovely time.

Then it was time to pick Daddy P up so we drove for the half an hour journey listening to music with Pickle dancing away in her car seat. When we arrived we were a little bit early so I sat with her asking her to say things. She’s started babbling more and saying more letters like mama, baba, dada, lala and she can say hello (erro) so I asked her to say hello daddy. She looked at me, concentrated and said “erro dadda”! I was stunned! Unfortunately she didn’t say it again but, never mind, it’s in there! The nicest thing was that we’d just got out the car to wait for him, she was getting a bit annoyed about being in the car seat, and when he walked up to us she saw him and beamed her widest smile. It made our day! We got home, Daddy P put her to bed and we had tea and a glass of wine. All in all a pretty perfect day for the first day back to “normality”.

Whatever normality is! 
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