Going It Alone…(a second time)

Today Daddy P went back to work….and I hated it!

So did Pickle. I could tell. For a start I feel like I’ve got some sort of flu virus, body is a wreck. And on top of that I’m having to go it alone again. I say again because I feel that now we’ve been off again together over christmas, which has been lovely, it’s like a repeat of the anxiety I felt from him going back to work the first time round having had 8 weeks off to settle Pickle in with us. I felt like I couldn’t do it on my own again. It’s funny that, through the entire adoption process I always thought of it as a joint venture, something we’d do together. And it certainly has been that way, emotionally. Daddy P is the best husband ever, he’s just the best! And he’s the best Daddy in the world too. He’s attentive, supportive, understanding. I don’t like to call them “hands on Dads” because, quite frankly, both people in the couple should be part of their children’s lives. So, for want of a better phrase, he is very much a “hands on Dad”. Which makes him going back to work that all the more difficult to bear.

It’s great when it’s the 2 of us, Pickle and I. And it’s great when it’s the 2 of them, Pickle and Daddy P. But there’s something really special about the 3 of us being together….and, of course 4 when we’re at home, can’t forget our Jack who, as it happens, is becoming more like her partner in crime every day!

It’s been lovely being together over Christmas (the thing I enjoy the most about the “festive” period!) ┬áspending time together and the bond and connection has increased in leaps and bounds, it’s been amazing. So it was in stark contrast having today on our own.

We managed it though, we have lots of fun and it’s not about me not wanting to do it on my own or that I struggle, me and Pickle are very good at busying ourselves. It’s just that we miss him when he’s not around with us. It’s easier with 2, physically, practically and emotionally. I wish we could do it together all the time.

We just need to win the lottery.

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