Holiday Time and the Second Biggest Mountain Climb

We couldn’t have planned or timed this better. 2 weeks after our approval date we went on holiday

We would have gone straight away but decided to wait a couple of weeks for various reasons (friends birthday night out we didn’t want to miss out on and husbands work was very busy)

We both had 2 very busy weeks at work so by the time we got to Scotland we were ready to collapse….which we did, very quickly, when we arrived at the beautiful cottage in the middle of nowhere which we called home for a week.

In fact, our SW had agreed that we would have some “time off” from the whole process which we really appreciated but then she had sent me an email about a little girl in the week running up to our holiday who we felt an immediate click with. We had, very tentatively, replied saying we were interested and so she’d sent us a bit more information before her full report so we could read more about her and a couple of photos. We were smitten immediately. But, the trouble is, we’ve become very practiced at hunkering down our feelings and emotions and not getting excited or assuming anything. So we went on holiday and didn’t really think about it apart from the odd conversation on our walks.

****I can’t quite believe I’m saying that now (23rd June) because she is all I talk about! But more on that later****

We faced one more mountain climb after our approval panel and that was to climb Benn Nevis. We did it in 7 hours and it was a gloriously sunny, hot, blue skied day. Stunning! It is the highest mountain in Britain and we succeeded in completing it yet we feel we’d climbed a much bigger mountain in the last 8 months to get to our little girl.

Not quite there but I can now see the summit.




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