Introductions Day 5

Today we had our daughter at our house for the very first time

It was amazing and went so well I panicked (only for a few seconds!) that it was going too well. But we needn’t have worried, she had a little grizzle here and there and then once we got her beck to the FC’s house she treated us to a full on tantrum….which we dealt with like pros!

We’ve started to bring some of her stuff home as well now so when she arrived we showed her and the FC her new room with her clothes in her wardrobe and her toys downstairs so things are familiar! She loves her new room and obviously feels very comfortable in it because she asked to get in her cot! And she loved the little stickers we’ve put on her wall. It also helps the FC feel comfortable and, as we all sat on the carpet, she looked around and said she felt that this was our daughters home. She’s said such lovely things to us in the last few days, one of which that she felt like our daughter had begun to really shine because she was obviously happy. Even the physiotherapist who we saw today said she’d seen a marked change in her since she’d last seen her 6 weeks previously.

My anxiety has disappeared, I feel like we can do this now and I’m not so scared of everything. But, oddly, even though today went incredibly well and, relatively, smoothly I got home and was violently ill. It definitely wasn’t something I ate, I suspect it was a mixture of anxiety, accumulated emotions over the past 5 days, holding it together, travelling a long way every day, tiredness, exhaustion and just the intense roller coaster we’ve been on for the last 5 days. It’s been very very hard and it’s coming to an end and I think my body just reached saturation point tonight! I am now crashed out in bed, barely able to move and I’m hoping sleep will come quickly so I can feel refreshed again tomorrow. We also get a lie in tomorrow too, which I’m quite looking forward to….

…..but I bet I’ll still be awake at 6:30!




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