Introductions Day 6

Today was the last full day of introductions and it was spent at our house again

The FC brought our daughter to us in the morning and she arrived happy and content again. She was a bit more clingy towards the FC when she arrived but then we found out that she’d not been very well and had a temperature on that morning when she woke up. So it turns out that we’re both so churned up that we’ve both got either a little bug or we’re just effected by everything that’s happened, maybe even a bit of both.

She soon settled though and we had a lovely morning playing, dancing and chasing the cat! We then gave her lunch, which she loves, and she shouted after our cat all the way through that! We then had another little play for an hour and then she started getting grizzly so we decided to take the plunge and see if she would have her afternoon nap in her new bedroom in her unfamiliar cot. We made up her milk bottle which she grabbed, greedily so we were on the home stretch. We started up the stairs, all fine so far. We took her in to her room….I’m sure we were holding our breath at this point….and put her down in to her cot. She did her usual thing of getting back up and doing a little cry but we did our ‘usual’ thing (how the FC does it) and said “bye bye, see you in a bit” and shut the door. Two seconds of ‘fake’ crying and protesting and that was it, she was down! Well, quiet and calm at least.

My husband decided it would be a good idea to buy a video monitor, an all singing all dancing one. It wasn’t a good idea at all……it was an absolute genius idea!!!!! It meant we could go downstairs and leave her without worrying and watch her just to make sure she was ok in her new room. We needn’t have worried. She decided to drink her bottle then spent half an hour wriggling around, standing up, inspecting the camera for the monitor (that was a funny moment) trying to piggle the stickers off her wall, looking at herself in the mirror on her wardrobe, trying to break out the cot, singing and then dancing when we put the “relaxing” music on with the remote control for the monitor (told you it was all singing all dancing!)

And in the end she got herself down and went to sleep for an hour! We couldn’t have been more pleased. One thing that we think may have helped, as well as us just getting on with her normal routine and not worrying and fussing, is that the FC brought her cot bumper and quilt so from inside her cot her surroundings looked very familiar. She’d also washed them the evening before so they smelled very familiar too.

In the time we’ve been in introductions we’ve done everything. We’ve done her breakfast routine, night time routine, bathed her twice, eaten with her every day, dressed her, changed her nappy, driven with her, taken her out in her buggy, given her lunch at ours and she’s now slept in her own room here. Nothing we do from tomorrow will be new and that’s so reassuring, for us as well as her.

The very last thing we did today was take her back to the FC’s house where they did her a farewell party. It was lovely, their family is huge which is why I think our daughter is so adaptable. But the best, most amazing, moment was yet to come. Even with everyone who she’s known in her first 15 months there, at the party, when she had a bump which made her scream out…..she reached up to me. That was the most amazing moment ever! She allowed me to comfort her and calm her and she really cuddled in to me with her little legs curled up.

Truly “awesome”! (that ones for you Dad!) 
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