Just Another Day

As the celebration day at court looms on the horizon our lives seem to be a muddle of every day “ordinary”

Some may say they’d be bored. Some may say it makes them stressed. For us it’s the ordinariness that we’ve worked and waited so long for. The getting up in the morning to shouts of “Muuuummeeeeee” from the next bedroom. The “NO” that’s shouted every two seconds (at the moment) in response to just about any request. The trial of trying to get teeth brushed while trying to remain calm and patient. The tantrums and screams because cbbies isn’t on. And the mess, everywhere, all the damn time.

But it’s also the cuddles in the morning. The trips in to town, a lot of the time now without the buggy, with an independent and confident little girl who knows her own mind. It’s the walk up to the park for a morning with friends. It’s the military precision preparation we have to live by when we now go out but which makes life unbelievably easier than if we forget something. It’s the little things which are, in fact, huge milestones which other parents I’ve spoken to seem to take for granted. Learning to talk, learning to say “Mummy” and know she’s talking about me. We’ve taught her so much and I’m bursting with pride that she takes as much as she does in. She can even repeat the entire alphabet back at me, each letter spoken with determination. She’s 2. She says all sorts of words now. ¬†Book, balk (walk), pieow(pillow), house, cat, paw paw, at (hat), shoooo (shoe), beebees (cbbies), botbot (bottle), cheeeeeeeeeeese (when having a photo taken)

She’s learned names. She knows her left from her right. She is learning words using phonetics… and she’s good at it! She loves having her hair cut. She loves choosing clothes and shoes. She loves bangles and hair accessories. She’s got an amazing sense of humour and makes us laugh every single day. She knows what she wants, when she wants it and how.

If this is ordinary I’m gonna take it!

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