Leaps and Bounds

In the ten weeks Pickle has been with us she’s amazed us every day 

It’s been ten weeks, to the day, that she moved in. Ten weeks ago we were settling in to bed on our first night. We’d put her to bed with no issues and had a good early night, preceded by chocolate cake to celebrate our little girl moving in. Ten weeks ago she could crawl and pull herself up on to the furniture. Ten weeks ago she barely squeaked. Ten weeks ago she looked like a startled baby sparrow who didn’t know what had happened. She was so brave, and still is. But at that point, ten weeks ago, as a 15 month old, she was brave, startled, scared, shocked, confused and a baby.

Ten weeks on we have a little girl. Ten weeks on she has lost the startled look and is more relaxed. She smiles with her entire face. She’s always smiled with her eyes but she now glows. She’s learned to walk. She’s learned to dance. She’s learned to chatter, albeit in her own little language. She makes lovely cute noises, squeaks and little “rrrrrrr” noises at the back of her throat which make her sound like a little ewok. She has learned about books and likes to be read to, especially “Toddle Waddle” and “Greedy Goose and Chocolate Mousse”. She has learned to not throw food and put her unwanted bits back on her plate. She has learned not to touch the tv. She’s learned to love Jack….we’ve just got to work on Jack, he’s getting there, he’ll now come and sit on the other side of me when she’s having cuddles.

She’s learned she likes Iggle Piggle on “In the night Garden”. She’s learned to say “thank you” in makaton sign language. She’s been swimming and to playgroup. She’s tried all sorts of different foods and loved some unusual stuff (Olives! Sun dried tomatoes! Gherkins!)  She’s learned to put her cat ear head band on. She’s learned about spiders. She’s learned to put the top on her bottle. She’s learned to turn pages in books. She’s learned to run. She’s learned to have proper tantrums. She’s learned to say sorry. She’s learned that hitting is naughty. She’s learned that Nanny and PaPa are important people. She’s learned that I’m not going anywhere if I have to nip upstairs for 2 minutes. She’s learned to put dirty washing in the laundry basket. She’s learned all the different animal names of her finger puppets. She’s learned to say “no” and “yes”, “jack jack”, “Ba”, “Da” and “mama”. That’s the clearest word of them all. She says “mama” all the time now. We’re just not sure if it’s “mama” or a version of “more more”! She’s learned to reach up when I go in her room in the morning. She’s learned to speak on the phone. She’s learned to use the remote control (it’s now on a high shelf !) She’s learned about Thomas the Tank Engine and Postman Pat. She has a few dozen fantastic facial expression now ranging from gleeful to frowning, frustrated, fed up,  questioning, cheeky, caring and concentrating. Her hands and fingers are so intricate and delicate she’s learned to use them for delicate operations and inspects the smallest things with them. She’s learned to “play” the piano. She’s learned to really listen to music. She’s learned to climb up the stairs…and back down again…with help.

But, most importantly she’s learning that we are Mummy and Daddy. The connection is there. She seeks us out in unusual situations and places, she looks for us when we’re at someone else’s house, she comes for comfort when she’s upset and doesn’t seek that from other people and she stays close and snuggles in when someone she hasn’t met before arrives. All that in ten weeks! But the hard work and the time together has proved invaluable!

She’s an amazing little girl and we are lucky to have her in our lives. 
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