Life Appreciation Day

We have just arrived back home after a full on day of 9 hours!

Some of that travel time but most of it talking and discussing and listening and asking questions.

Life appreciation day is where we (the prospective adopters) get to meet everyone who has been in the child’s life so far.

Through the hours, in which we were there, we spoke to the two social workers of the child, the foster carer, her social worker, a health visitor, a physiotherapist and our social worker was there too. We were a little bit apprehensive about it but, to be honest, we’d met the social workers and the foster carer not long before today so we felt pretty much at ease as soon as we walked in the door and from then on it was just very easy and relaxed. We laughed a lot (which always helps to break the ice) and, although we are totally aware of how serious and important this process is and what it’s about, I couldn’t bear to sit through meetings with a stiff upper lip and total seriousness through the process. At the end of the day we are all human beings who need to feel comfortable in a very unusual situation and it helps that we all get on really well. It will make the whole transition period and introductions all that more enjoyable and enable us to cope with it. Can you imagine not getting on with the foster carer…..awkward!

We’d also met with the child’s doctor at the hospital beforehand too and she’d spoken to us, at length, about some of the issues we may face in the future. It was nothing we hadn’t heard or read before but it really helped to hear it from the medical professionals mouth and clarify the few points we knew about already.

The same went for most of the people we met through the day but we did learn little bits more than we did already and everything else we already knew were just made clearer.

The whole day was totally and utterly invaluable because we have now met people who know the child and different aspects of her. It’s made us feel more confident in our own ability and we feel really positive after today.

Now….I’m going to crack open a bottle of ginger beer and I’ll probably be asleep within minutes!

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