Making Memories

Today was a dolly mixture of emotions. Starting badly (ish) and ending superbly!

I’d planned to go to a friends house for them to meet Pickle for the first time. They live in the countryside and the drive out was gorgeous, beautiful sunshine, blue skies again with that gorgeous crispness to the air. There was even mist hovering over fields with burnt orange sunrise, lovely! We dropped Daddy P off at work and continued on our way…..and then Pickle was sick! Not loads but enough for her to look panicked and me to feel panicked! It was odd & I still don’t know why she was sick because she doesn’t get travel sick. Anyway, long story short, we turned around and went home, gutted we couldn’t go on with our plans but knowing that I’d regret not taking her home.

I’m glad we did because she ended up having a 2 hour nap after I gave her some calpol and it restored her loads! I decided that the second plan of the day would be doable so we went to my Mum & Dads, Pickle’s Nanny and PaPa, who she adores! Whenever she goes there she beams and is so relaxed & content. She has a basket of goodies there that my Mum has built up. It was originally the poor cats basket of toys but now Pickle has commandeered it I think he’s given up on ever being allowed near it again…..anyway, he’s happy to sleep 23 hours a day so he’s still happy!

Anyway, this basket of goodies has been added to by my Mum shopping at pound shops and charity shops and is now bursting with interesting bits and bobs such as bangles, handbags, purses, wooden animals, a cloth barn with soft animals, squeaky mice toys, a plastic globe, a knitted ginger bread man which my mum made, a piece of wool, beany bag toys, books, a headband with cat ears, a couple of candles… name it it’s in there! And Pickle loves it! She even adds to it herself every time she goes, picking bits up here and there around the house and pops it in her basket! We were there for 5 hours today. We had lunch, lots of cups of tea and just chilled out. She even had some soup of her own in a little espresso mug with a bit of pitta and contentedly (and very cleverly) ate it herself while dipping her pitta! We had a lovely time, as I always do, but now I do it with my daughter who loves descending on my Mum and Dad just as much as I do.

This is what memories are made from. 




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