Meeting the Foster Carer

This was a BIG day for us

We were more apprehensive about this than anything. But we did the usual thing we do and pretended that we were fine which, in the long run, makes you feel like you’re doing fine. We had nothing to worry about. We feel we’ve been lucky with everyone we’ve met through this process. She is lovely. Really open and friendly and the conversation flowed, after an initial stilted period of time where nobody spoke for a few seconds (which felt like hours!) and me, being me, wanted to fill the silence. But I held back (and bit my tongue) because it wasn’t our place or our job to start the conversation.

She told us quite a lot about her (the child) and she’d brought her camera with some new photos on it from the week before and she’d changed so much (from the initial photos we’d received) and had become even more stunning.

I’m really glad that we get on with her so well. It will definitely make things easier. And she told us so much that it brought everything to  life, which is hard when all you’ve got is a photo. She was really animated in how she described her and she became a little girl to us, not just information in a report.

This was one of the best days so far.



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