Meeting the Social Workers

This was one of the least worrying moments of the whole process for me. As mad as that sounds. I just knew they’d be nice

Everything about this little girl just ‘feels’ right and, from the moment the social workers came through our front door, that feeling stayed. I’d made cakes which I told them I’d made as a bit of bribery and corruption. Seemed to work *winks*

They talked a lot about the little girl and asked us to ask any questions. The only thing they asked us was about time off work and then reassured us that she wasn’t allergic to cats as she lives with 2 at the moment…thumbs up for that!

They were with us for about an hour and a half and were very positive and helpful. It’s an odd feeling though because you feel like you’re getting somewhere and then, after they left, you realise you’re in total limbo land again because you don’t quite know where you are with it and nobody has actually said “yes” yet.

We feel very lucky to have worked with such fantastic social workers, it’s made the process all the more positive. 




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