New Years Day 2014

I write this on the evening of the first day of the new year. And, my goodness, what a year!

To describe it as a rollercoaster somehow doesn’t cut it. One of my friends has been describing the selling of her house this year as a rollercoaster so I’m loathed to put it in the same category really. But you get my drift.

I don’t even know where to start really because there are very few words to describe the journey we’ve been on but I’ll try.

We started the year not even knowing if we were allowed to adopt. We started the year not even having done any of the training (prep groups) I can’t quite believe I’m saying that because, quite honestly, it feels like a lifetime ago, not just 12 months ago. We did the prep groups in January, in February we continued our home study, in March we had our medicals, in April we were approved and went on holiday and found out about our daughter-to-be (busy month April!) in May we met the social workers and foster carer, in June we waited and had various meetings (quiet month full of anxiety!) and in August, on my birthday incidentally, we were approved for the match! By mid August my husband had been made redundant (on the day we met Pickle!) had another job offer (7 days later!) and we’d met Pickle and 7 days later she’d moved in. September, October, November and most of December have gone by in such a blur I don’t think our feet have touched the ground! I know somewhere in October Daddy P went back to work and I felt bereft after he’d been off for 8 and a half weeks!

It’s been a massive change in our lives and one that being made to visit a nursery for 6 days (ludicrous box ticking exercise!) definitely didn’t prepare us for even though we were “ready”.

We have been blessed with an amazing little girl who, since being with us, has learned to walk, eat nicely, say thank you and please using makaton sign language, say little words such as “papa” (my Dad) “bye bye” and “ack ack” (Jack Jack the cat)

She’s learned to have her teeth brushed, learned what books are and enjoys them, has learned how to come downstairs on her bottom (albeit with me in front, but she’s an independent girl!) and she’s learned to dance which is my favourite part!

Just recently she’s also proving that she understands everything we’re saying, to a degree that’s staggering. I won’t go in to the finer details but she startles us sometimes with her knowledge, awareness, empathy, understanding and communication with us without even using words. She is, quite truly, awesome!

So, I lay here ready to go to sleep on the first night of 2014 and I can’t help but think that things are just going to get better and better. We can absolutely do this. We are doing it and we’re doing ok.

2013 was NOT a “rollercoaster”.

It was a rocket trip to Mars, Venus, Pluto, Saturn and the moon….and then back again!





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