Placement Day

It’s 05:30 and I’m wide awake with excitement¬†

I won’t get back to sleep now, maybe just for half an hour if I’m lucky. But this is, possibly, the first time I’ve allowed myself to get excited in quite a long time. About 18 months to be precise.

This is a years worth of preparation bundled in to 7 days of introductions and today is the day we bring our daughter home forever. 4 and a half hours to go…….


We did it!

We finally picked our daughter up and drove her home. In the end it was short, very emotional and one of the hardest things I’ve ever taken part in and witnessed. Her foster mum was distraught and that made me burst in to tears. It was so emotional that I sobbed in the car as we drove away at the same time as trying to act normal for our daughter. The good thing was that she wasn’t bothered by it, she took it in her stride, just as she has on her first day at home. Her routine has been flawless today and she is, as I type, in bed fast asleep for the night. We’ve learned so much from her foster mum that we’ve just kept the consistency of her routine going without any change, apart from her location of course, and that’s really helped. The adrenaline and emotion kept us going until about 3:00 and then we crashed out! Fortunately that’s when she has her afternoon nap so we had an hour on the sofa while she was asleep and that helped so much too. We didn’t feel exactly refreshed when we woke up but we certainly felt better for it. We then enjoyed an afternoon of play, had tea together, bathed her and then put her down to sleep with a bottle and her Bagpuss. She went to sleep after half an hour and we’re now just hoping she sleeps through.

She is such a star that I have no doubt she will. 
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