Real Connections

What a fantastic week we’ve all had. It’s been a week of feeling better, lovely weather, confidence building and positivity.

The week has gone without any real glitches, we’ve all felt better in ourselves and we’ve managed to get out in the sun and fresh air. More importantly we all feel much more connected. What’s really helped is that I’ve had a plan every day for the 2 of us. Monday we had a day pottering around the house. Tuesday we went to playgroup, a new one, where I braved going on my own. I’m glad I did, as soon as I walked in someone came over to me and introduced herself and said she realised I’d not been before. She was lovely and so was everyone else who made me and Pickle feel very welcome. But the best thing about it was that Pickle kept looking for me and coming back to me. I was so proud of her. I felt she really knew I was Mummy and that she wanted to be with me. It was lovely. When we got home she asked to go in the garden which we did. I believe that a child should be given a voice and she asked so politely (saying please in makaton) that we got her wellies on and Jack the cats harness and lead on and we all had a pootle round the garden. Afterwards we had lunch, I put her to bed and then decided to treat myself to a lovely long soak in the bath while she slept…bliss!

Wednesday we had a friend round for a play date in the morning and would have gone swimming afterwards but I had to stay in for a delivery, but that’s what we plan to do from now on. Thursday she went to Nanny and PaPa’s, who she adores. And Friday we went to playgroup in the morning, with a very good friend and her daughter who we see every Friday, followed by a quick visit and lunch to Nanny and PaPa’s, a sleep in the buggy on the way home and then a second play date in the afternoon.

And today, Saturday, Pickle and Daddy P have had an amazing day together walking in the park and checking out the flowers.

This week she’s wanted me there, really needed comfort from me when she’s fallen and hurt herself and when she was pushed at playgroup she came to tell me all about it so I gave her big cuddles and kisses which she enjoyed. She even got jealous because another child held my hand so she came over and held my hand. It’s all been pretty awesome this week and this is where all my one to one attention work is coming to fruition and I’m so proud of her.

She’s bloody awesome and I love her!

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