So much has happened in the last few days that I don’t quite know where to start

Daddy P had an amazing day with Pickle on Saturday after I’d had an amazing day on the Friday. It did them the world of good! We made Sunday dinner for both sets of grandparents which we all enjoyed, around the table. Pickle even learned to say ‘cheers’ by bopping her water bottle against our glasses. You only have to show her something once and she’s got it!

And then it was a bit downhill on Monday and Tuesday. We were both in a mood and we didn’t help each other. I find that we are like that. Very in tune with each other and we bounce off each other when we’re both happy but if we’re both a bit of a misery guts when we are terrible. She sticks her bottom lip out and I follow suit! I feel like I’ve had to work really hard the last 3 days to make her smile and I really struggle with that sometimes. It’s hard not to take it personally but you can’t. She’s not doing it on purpose, it’s just how she feels. She’s so aware, bright, knowing, intelligent and funny that she has days where she probably just can’t be bothered. I need to tune in to her more on those days than any other time.

And today, Wednesday, was a big milestone. My Mother-in-Law looked after her for the first time. Only for an hour and a half but it was enough. And something lovely happened when I got back. We had lovely cuddles, she sat with me loads and she talked (babbled) to me as if she were telling me what she’d been up to with Grandma. Then Daddy P got home and she gave him a lovely welcome, a long cuddle and then ran between the 2 of us. It was fantastic. At times like this a want to pause our lives. I don’t want it to end or change. I love it and I love Daddy P and Pickle and Jack, it’s great, perfect and exciting! The tantrums are definitely hard to deal with but it’s getting easier to know what to do but the good moments like that make up for it in every way. So, to Pickle I have one thing to say…..






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