Reciprocal Love

It’s been a while since I wrote anything. Mainly because I’ve been concentrating on the amazing relationship I have going with my beautiful daughter

I went to work today. As is usual now, on a Thursday, the three of us drove to Daddy P’s work to drop him off, then me and Pickle drove to my mum and dads where I sit and have a cup of tea and a piece of toast and get her settled in with her botbot, beebees, blanket, pillow and Nanny & PaPa sitting on the sofa. Bliss!

I then go to work with a kiss and a cuddle that keeps me going all day knowing she’s having a wonderful and cosy day with my mum and dad.

We’ve been telling her we love her now for a long long time. We feel it so we tell her. We use makaton sign language, as we have done from the start (please, thank you, sorry) so we tell her we love her at the same time as signing and she loves it. We always get a little giggle and smile when we say it to her. It’s lovely.

But today we were both blown away.

I’d picked Daddy P up, we’d then gone to pick Pickle up and had a cuppa with the folks. When we got up to leave and she gave PaPa and Nanny a big cuddle and kiss each and even managed a “thank you for having me” (sank ooo sa ain ee) for them and a “night night” (nanigh) which got my mum and dad smiling.

But it was what happened in the car afterwards which blew us out the water. I’d strapped her in and got in the front and Daddy P turned to tell Pickle he loved her and I followed suit. She did the usual of smiling, giggling and looking coy….. but then she took her bottle out of her mouth, pointed to herself in the chest and then to us. “I love you”

I could have cried. Instead we just beamed and said thank you darling, thank you so much and we love you so much too. She is such a special girl. And I love how she says I love you while doing the makaton….

“See sii suuuu” (I love you)

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