Report Reading

As we drove back from Scotland we knew that the little girls report would be on our doormat as we walked in the door

We both couldn’t wait! Yet, as we walked in with all our bags through the front door and saw the thick, brown envelope, we didn’t open it straight away. We unpacked our bags, put a load of washing on, put all our things away in to their correct places and then made a cup of tea. It wasn’t until then and we’d sat down that we opened the report to read. It is 78 pages long. And it took us 2 hours to read it. It took even longer to take it all in and we were exhausted after reading it.

In all honesty, because the little girl was taken in to foster care very early, the report was mainly about her birth mother and her birth fathers histories. They say it will be upsetting reading a report and they’re right in one sense. But I think it must be a lot harder to read a report about a child who has been neglected or abused for some time before being taken in to care. For us, it’s not like that. And that’s just me being honest. Because there will be people out there who don’t feel devastated when they read a report about birth mothers and birth fathers who will be made to feel guilty or odd for that. But you’re not. You are just human and, for me, all I care about is our little girl-to-be and the fact she’s been with a fantastic foster carer nearly all her life, so far, who has loved her and given her consistency, security, warmth and love is just great!

Reading the report was hard going because that’s her story, her history. But the fact she will know about that will help her make sense of her life in the future.




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