Revelation Day

Today has been a good day. Today I have realised we’re doing alright.

It’s been a tough old slog this gaining confidence malarkey and I’m almost positive I’ll have days to come where I don’t feel so confident, but today wasn’t one of them.

I’m not sure what’s happened but I just feel like something has clicked in to place. We all feel much more connected. I feel like we’re doing a good job and that Pickle trusts us and wants to be around us. We have fun, we can make her laugh and she makes us laugh. We can tell her off without feeling guilty about it or feeling like we’re not allowed to. We feel confident with the boundaries we have in place and are consistent. In fact, I think I can say that, we are the definition of consistency. And I don’t get bored of my own voice, which is unfortunate for Pickle because she will never be able to throw food or hit the tv without me telling her “no” very firmly. She stops doing it for a while then tests again but the reaction is always the same.

Today we went for a gorgeous walk to blow the Christmas cobwebs away and I think I blew some of the adoption process cobwebs away too. The confidence is growing and the feeling of being scrutinised, judged and watched is diminishing, slowly but finally.

We are doing a great job of being parents, I am proud of how we handle situations that arise and I feel we’ve got, no I KNOW we’ve got, a very confident, independent, bright, sparky and funny little girl that we are very proud to call our daughter. That’s down to her and it’s down to us. It wouldn’t be that way if it weren’t.

We can do this, we can!




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