Solid Attachments

Today I went to work all day, from 08:00 until 18:30 and it was a long day….not least because I missed my daughter so much it hurt! I couldn’t wait to get home to her, from about 09:00! And I rushed to get home to get once I’d finished for the day.

As I walked through the door and shouted hello she heard me and shouted “mummy” back and came running to me for the biggest hug. It was glorious and heart warming! She “squiggled” (touched with wiggly fingers) my face for ages while I held her there in my arms.

We then watched her play for about half an hour with her dolls house where Jack decided he wanted to be and climbed in! She LOVED that! And when he got out she shouted “Jack Jack!” for him to come back and get back in! He did come back and she tried to push him in, gently, and we were laughing our heads off while Jack just stood patiently wondering what on earth was going on being pushed gently while she grunted like she was pushing a ten ton truck! Eventually he gave in and crawled in again and happily sat in there while Pickle posted stuff to him through the door!

I miss her every time I’m not with her now. Our connection, after only 9 months, is staggering! I enjoy watching her and being with her every single second of every single day. I listen to her, respect her choices, she talks to me and tells me exactly what she wants.

She listens to my explanations of why we have to do things or why she can’t do something or what’s going to happen in the day. She understands everything I say to her and I understand (almost) everything she says to me. She communicates amazingly well her needs, feelings and how she views and experiences situations.

I am head over heels in love with my beautiful daughter and I feel so proud of her. She’s happy, content, ¬†independent, confident, fun loving, silly, kind, gentle, bonkers, crazy, sweet, affectionate, beautiful, amazing, brilliant, clever, bright, sharp, feisty…I could go on and on!

How is it possible to love her more than I do now! My heart is full!

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