Spiders and Flowers

Today Pickle discovered spiders!

And the fact that cats also like spiders! It was Jack the cat who found it. I had to then manage a balancing act between getting Jack away from the spider so he didn’t eat it and get Pickle close to it so she could see it! At one point I wish there’d been a camera above to take a picture of us because we were all in the corner of the room looking at this spider at different angles….the cat, Pickle and me! It was a lovely moment, a small (some would say insignificant) moment but for me it was lovely.

We then went for a lovely walk up to the shops, did some shopping, then walked back with more shopping than I’d planned to get and vowed never to do it again because it made the hill 20 times harder than if I’d just bought the new toothbrush I’d planned on….

….and Pickle carried that anyway! 
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