The Best Day Yet

Today I had a lie in

Daddy P treated me to a long lie in as I’d had a really busy weekend of 11 hours work and travelling for ages on Friday night.
I already knew that Daddy P had had a really good day with Pickle on the Saturday and was really pleased, particularly after the horrendous experience on Tuesday (Rejection Day) but today was something else. I got up after about an hour of lying there not being able to go back to sleep (I never can, damn it! *shakes fist*) and went straight downstairs in my pj’s….it’s allowed on a Sunday!

What I was greeted by was, and this is going to sound very strange, a different child! Pickle has always been happy and smiley and funny (obviously when she’s not tantrumming) but this felt different somehow. Another shift in the dynamics. Another change in her and, maybe, even us! She seemed genuinely happy, content and was smiling, laughing, affectionate and seemed even more aware than she had previously appeared to be which, in itself, is amazing because we know she’s über aware anyway.

She somehow seemed much more settled, as if she now feels totally safe and connected to us. It was fantastic. I honestly noticed the shift immediately on going in to that room where she was playing with Daddy P and it was mind blowing and awesome and if you’d told me that that would happen I wouldn’t have believed you.

This wasn’t a gradual change. This was *bang*!!! In your face! And I’m still awestruck by it. We had a cracking day with her. She still went down for her morning nap, although I really wanted to keep her up to enjoy this happy little girl but she needs her quiet time/naps. And once she was up we had lunch and then went to see my Mum and Dad (Pickles Nanny and PaPa) and then went for a walk along the riverside with my Dad. Everything just felt right after the last 2 weeks where it just felt hard work. She’s also, definitely, had a cold or flu which has obviously made her feel very poorly and maybe teething as well and that is now gone. But today really felt like something else.

After the fantastic day we had she still had a tantrum when she decided she didn’t want her pj’s on but, having had such a great day, we felt better able to deal with it, and we did. She was just tired, we empathised that we knew she just wanted her milk and we just got on with it, admittedly both of us having to fold her in to the arms of her pj’s! But then she got her milk and went straight down, happy again.

Yes, today felt good. It felt right. And we felt strong and united. Pickle obviously feels loved, secure, safe, happy and cherished and that’s what makes this all worth while….

….even if she is pi**ed off about having her pj’s on! 
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