The Eve of your Second birthday

Tomorrow we will wish you, our beautiful daughter, a Happy 2nd Birthday!

Of course, for us, this is your first birthday and it feels very special and we’ve definitely celebrated in style so far. We threw a big birthday party for you on Sunday with 14 of your friends who you’ve met since being with us and you beamed every time someone turned up, you looked, realised, beamed and laughed and screamed in delight…. only getting as far as the driveway to open the next present you were given. It was a delight to see. That was nothing in comparison to how you greeted your PaPa though, my goodness! We all thought someone famous had turned up. You spotted him arriving and then you ran, squealing in delight, throwing your arms up as you ran and literally jumped in to his arms as he scooped you up for the longest cuddle, your head rested on his shoulder and your arms tight around his neck. It was magic!

There were 30 people at your party in total. All the people who have supported us along the way to finding you and since you moved in. The little friends you have made along the way who you see regularly and always have a lovely time with. The people who have grown to love you and care about you so much that they all turned up for your party to show you and us how much they adore you. Everyone was so proud of you that day, you were a star!

I’d organised a treasure hunt with chocolate money hidden around the garden which you were all fantastic at and found it really exciting. You were in your element at finding just 3 chocolates and plonked yourself down to open each one and enjoy it surrounded by other children still on the hunt for goodies. You, in your beautiful red party dress and little black shoes, with your beautiful curly hair blowing in the wind.

Grandma and Grandad had bought you a little table and chairs which has come in handy for all the play dough you received! And Nanny and PaPa bought you a sand and water tray table which you can’t get enough of!

And I made you a huge Iggle Piggle cake which I made from scratch (I thought I was mad…. but it worked!) and you loved it! But it was funny because I lit the candles and the wind blew them out! You screamed in delight when you saw it. We did a little speech together, you and me, and you even attempted a “thank you” at the end finishing by clunking your water bottle on my glass of bucks fizz and saying “Cheers”.

At 2 years old you never cease to amaze us and astound us. You are bright, sharp, clever, knowing, aware, funny, feisty. You are simply amazing and we are so incredibly proud of you. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love you. My lifelong saying has always been “things happen for a reason” and I believe that me and Daddy¬†met to have you in our lives. We are so blessed to have you, you are the most precious and special person, ever.

We love you very much. Happy birthday my little poppet. Xxxx

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