The Medical

Now, I’m not opposed to anything like this if it’s absolutely necessary, but I had a real issue with one aspect of this. 

Not the medical in it’s entirety, even though the doctor I saw (and the doctor my Husband saw) said they thought it was “over the top”. The first thing I have a major issue with is that it cost us £100 each!

They took my weight, height, BMI, blood pressure, listened to my chest, checked my reflexes (yep, getting a tad ridiculous now) looking down my throat, in to my ears, in to my eyes, feeling my stomach….you can see where this is going…..and it didn’t bother me to do a urine sample while I was at the surgery (diabetes)

But  the next ‘check’ had both the doctor and myself baffled. As she shuffled through her papers and started making “”Ummming” noises I wondered what was coming next…I should have known. She explained that the medical required her to take a look at me “down there”. The thing is, I wasn’t surprised. I’d been joking with my husband that they would make him do the ‘cough’ test “like in the 1950’s” *bursts out laughing* But who was laughing now? Not me, that’s for sure! I actually felt like I’d stepped back in time. Even the doctor couldn’t work out what she was supposed to be looking for and, having spoken to numerous doctor friends since who have all looked at me gone out when I’ve told them about it, I still can’t really see what they’d be looking for.

Keeping in mind that I’d only just gone through IVF I’m assuming that the doctors and specialists were looking in the right place…..*thinks* Ooooh, maybe that’s why it didn’t work!

Anyway, I did refuse to have it done. Just that one aspect, nothing else. In the entire adoption process I have not refused to do anything but this just felt wrong. We weren’t told we’d have to have that done, we weren’t told why and the doctor couldn’t shed any light on it either and was just as confused.

Only one person couldn’t understand why I’d refused (and got oddly cross about it) and that was an ex GP who said they’d have been “looking for life threatening illnesses”. But that doesn’t add up either. If they were then surely they’d be asking for blood tests, X-rays, scans, mammograms. Even an extra smear test appointment would have made more sense.

If I’m honest I was quite nervous about refusing that one thing because I don’t want a silly thing like that to get in the way of us having our own family. But that’s the point isn’t it. If they can base a decision on something like that then there’s a whole heap of wrong about that.

I have often joked that the adoption process “wants your blood”…..but it appears that they actually don’t.

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