The Silver Lining of Clouds

After the horror that was yesterday, today couldn’t have been more different

Pickle was quite simply amazing! It was like she’d woken up and thought “right, today is going to be a good day”! And she was right. I am always a bit nervous going in to her room the morning after a bad day because, as an adult, I expect her to remember being upset, screaming and in a bad mood and me getting annoyed all day. But no, she greeted me with a lovely smile and that continued all day long (almost!)

We had a cheery day. She ate her breakfast in her big chair, a booster seat at the table which I introduced yesterday and she loved it. She then had a play while I sorted out stuff ready to go out and while I was feeding Jack the cat she managed to grab his treats from the cupboard and then surprised me by running (excitedly) in to the living room while shaking and tapping the treats pot and Jack running after her. She then proceeded to feed him all the treats in the pot….we had a very happy cat at this point! It’s exactly what we do and she’s obviously picked it up, it was very cute. I was just hoping I wouldn’t come back to a bloated sick cat having gorged himself!

Next we went out, on the bus, to playgroup with my friend and her little girl. Pickle busied herself playing with all the toys and getting stuck in. The nicest thing happened there today too, I realised I was a lot more relaxed about her going off and being independent and she obviously knows who I am because our eyes met at one point across the room so I waved and she waved back and smiled…and then carried on with whatever important activity she was doing.

Next was a walk to Nanny and PaPa’s, along the river in the sun, where she had a spot of lunch and threw herself on their bed again (great fun!)

Then we were off again, on the bus, back home to meet a friend who’d come round for coffee and catch up. We all had a piece of cake and then she left and Pickle and I played. All of this she took in her stride. We had a dance, played and she threw herself all over me.

Then the best thing happened. Daddy P came home from work and Pickle was delighted to see him. She ran to him at the front door, had a lovely cuddle and then played with us both for about 20 minutes. She even instigated some eye contact game playing with Daddy P and gave him the hugest cuddle while saying “aaaaah” flinging her arms right around him as far as they’d go! Absolutely gorgeous!

She started rubbing her eyes then and asking for her milk at 5:30, which is still early but we decided to really take note and let her go to bed. Daddy P took her up, read her books and then I was called up to say goodnight. We both got a kiss and a cuddle and then she went down with her bottle. We both came downstairs with smiles on our faces and feeling really proud.

Tonight, I sit here having had an exceptional day and eating cake in celebration!





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