We’re Going on a Bear Hunt…..

…..We’re going to catch a big one. Preferably a teddy bear on a beautiful day! 

I’ve read this book several times. That’s several times a day, not in total, over the last week! Pickle loves it, and so do I. You know why? Because it’s a time for bonding between us that is tangible, real, lovely, warm, close, exciting. I decided, last week, that I’d start a daily ritual at 10am of milk and book time. Pickle loves her milk in a bottle. At 21 months I’ve been told by several people she’s too old for a milk bottle but it comforts her, relaxes her and she still really enjoys it and it’s created a perfect opportunity for me to read to her every single day and it’s paying off. She loves it!

She gets herself settled in the corner of the settee between the 2 big cushions and waits while I get her milk ready and her books in place. She enjoys it and I love it. At the moment we read, in order, “Giraffes can’t dance”, “Room on a broom”, “what the ladybird heard”, “Guess how much I love you” (where my voice cracks at the end, every time!) and “We’re going on a bear hunt”, her absolute favourite which she’ll let me read to her now without the milk bottle to give her concentration. Sometimes I think I read it too well as she gets a bit scared but she loves it, she’s a thrill seeker (something that we may have to direct healthily later on…..Alton Towers “Oblivion” here we come!) and she’s started following my facial expressions, vocalises as I read and gets very very excited as we near the cave with the bear inside. She climbs on me, sits on me, puts her arms round me, kisses me, kisses the book, looks right in to my eyes as I’m reading and hides in my neck (when we get to the forest!)

Reading to children is always special. But it’s different and even more special when you’re reading it to a child who is building attachments to you and you to them and they feel so safe in your arms and on your lap to be able to allow themselves to get scared and enjoy that thrill. I feel our life is so enriched with Pickle being here and we are honoured to have her in our lives. She’s a very special little girl. And whatever troubles or problems we may encounter along the way….

……we’re not scared. 




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