What a Difference a Day Makes

I filled out a health visitor report 2 days ago for an 18 month old check list 

There were a lot of “yes” boxes that I ticked but there were also a few “not yet’s” and “no’s”. Not that I’m bothered in the slightest. I’m not worried about my daughter at all. The only thing she’s not doing at the moment is talking but she understands absolutely everything you say to her. And I am so proud of her, she’s come such a long way since she came to be with us 14 weeks ago. Her understanding of language is phenomenal. And, low and behold, no sooner had I ticked the “not yet” box for “is your child stringing 2 words together” she started doing it!

We were leaving the house and I always say “bye bye jack” (the cat) who I leave scoffing copious amounts of treats to keep him from thinking he’s a dog who wants to come for a walk every day! And as I closed the door Pickle lifted her arm, waved and said “baba ack”. I couldn’t believe it! I then repeated it several times while Pickle looked at me like I’d gone mad and, if she could speak more probably would have said “yeah, ok mum, you only need to say it once, duh”, while rolling her eyes of course!

The most amazing thing happened later on though when Daddy P came to pick us up from my Mum and Dad’s. He went out to get the buggy in the car and, as he left, she shouted “baba dadda”!!!! My Mum and I both looked at each other with wide eyes, laughed and I was jumping up and down screaming with delight and clapping. Meanwhile Pickle continued to toddle round doing her own busy little thing and kept repeating it – “baba, baba dadda, baba, dadda, dadda baba”! After the “rejection” (more the lack of ease) of Daddy P in recent weeks this had more meaning than it probably would have for anyone else and I was delighted. She then continued to say “dadda” over and over in the car as we drove away. I was beaming and so was Daddy P. A very happy moment.

As I lie in bed writing this piece I am listening to her practicing her talking. She’s saying “baba”, “papa”, “dadda”. She’s said so much more this week and it’s so exciting. She can say “mummy”, “mama”, “jack” (“Ack”), “nanny” (“nmmamnee”), “daddy”, “dadda”. It’s all there waiting to burst out. I literally cannot wait!

One thing we will miss, though, are her little noises. She squeaks and babbles and rolls her tongue. She does this little “ewok” type noise where she rolls her ‘R’s at the back of her throat, almost like a purr and it’s my favourite noise ever! If I ask her to “do her noise” she does that one for me, she knows, she’s a clever girl. And when she does it she smiles from ear to ear because I smile from ear to ear and clap and tell her how beautiful she is and how much I love that noise. It’s a moment in time that I want to capture over and over again before it’s too late and she can’t do it any more. And it’s when I write like this that I realise how much I love our little girl. She’s a delight and so so special. I am loving lying here listening to her chattering and babbling, talking to her toys, practicing her speech.

What am I worried about attachment for, connection and bonding? It’s there, it’s happening and now we’re on our way to living a normal, wonderful, crazy, hectic and fun life and I want to press pause for a moment to soak it up. Last night I cried because I was so worried about things. This morning I am smiling at how fantastic things actually are.

Total head chaos but I wouldn’t change it for the world! 
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